Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting used to the idea of my daughter being a kindergartener

Getting used to the idea of my daughter being a kindergartener
Guest post written by Nicole Morris
I think that it just may be slightly harder on parents when kids go off to school. I'm not talking about college either. I'm talking about when kids go off to kindergarten. I think that it's going to be so weird to not have any kids at home during the day. My third and youngest daughter is getting ready to start kindergarten and I think that this may be the hardest out of all three. I know that she's the last one that will starting kindergarten in our household and I guess that's why it's so much tougher on me.
You would think that I would have this down pat by now, though! I went online to look up some tips on empty nests, although I know that they don't really apply to me. While I was online looking up some of those tips, I ran across some info on internet packages. Then I decided to Click here and sign up for one of them in our household.
I did pick up some good tips but I know that I'll have lots of other gut wrenching firsts to go through with all of my kids.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Products!!!!!

 I think that wine glass rack is a must have in every home ; Also everyone likes wine . Also it is a great conversation point , also the rack itself can add beaty to your home .

Also I think that every home should have a bread slicer , this is a great item for homes with or without children, it is so much easier to use a bagel in a toaster that has been sliced with a slicer.

And final  a glass teapot is needed in a home to make it feel like granda's house . This is something that your kids will remimber when they grow up and think back about when they were little.